"Could you help people start up micro-businesses to sell water in a thirsty part of Africa?" - Someone recently asked.
Come to think of it - we're already doing it in South America- why wouldn't it work there too?  So we're planning another trip to Africa to run some tests and find out. Meanwhile, here's what we're doing in Colombia:  
​Here, Rosa is filling a container for the local school teacher so she can share it with her 10 students.  Rosa supplies many of her neighbors and they are working out a small fee schedule so Rosa can make a profit.
Rosa and Segundo Abril live in the Andes Mts.- the closest village is La Vega, Cundinamarca.  They have a CampWater FUV2; Segundo set up a 110 watt solar panel to run it as the power is unreliable. Notice the 12VDC battery in the photo.  
Our service page isn't too formal as we find ourselves helping out in a multitude of ways and we could never cover them all in a web page.  But anyway,  here are a couple of examples
Training our technicians to test and correctly apply our products is a core principle in our business. We're not interested in selling you something that is not properly applied to the water problems you are faced with.