If you need a water plant to make your life better where it can be pretty rough otherwise- then our many years of experience working in adverse conditions can help you get the right self-contained system for you and your crew. 
Here's an example.  
We start with a sea container, insulate it and mount it on a heavy duty oilfield skid with a platform on it for the generator. Then we stack in the process equipment and tanks, paint it the color you want, test it and let you know it's ready...
We know people with winch trucks and trailers with rolling tailboards and we give them a call...
...When they get to where the road ends, they put the plant on something with tracks and head out across the tundra. 
We catch a ride on a Tundra Taxi and get
to the drill site- start the plant up and train the crew how to run and maintain it.      
Notice the water plant in the foreground and the wastewater plant by Lifewater Engineering behind it.  We team together and we'd be glad to help you contact them if you need both.
Have a look inside the finished product.  Membranes and raw water tank in the left photo; finished water tanks and instruments etc on the right.
Our "Taxi"
Here's what the operator of this plant said about it:
​"Recent regulations require utilities to meet stricter standards; this system exceeds them and yet is easily operated...our residents are very satisfied with their water..."
Wally Tingook, Alaska Certified Water System Operator Level II
The CampWater 40
Alaska Frontier Constructors, Prudhoe AK
Copper River Native Ass'n Robert Marshall Health Clinic water treatment plant,Tazlina AK
ICE Services Membrane Plant, Pt Thomson AK, 340 persons.
Here's what we built for the Pogo Mine in 2012- an ozonation/filtration plant that supplied the 300-plus camp for over 10 years; this was our first one in a 40-foot insulated conex. 
Emergency Water Treatment, storage, and distribution system built for the Alaska State Defense Force at a field demonstration in Fairbanks AK, July 2018