We offer these standard products with wetted parts selected for approval for drinking water ,and described below.  

F20C at Quinhagak Alaska (FUV20C less UV unit).  
CampWater Industries responded to an emergency for this installation- built and delivered via bush plane within 2 days.  
The tanks in the background hold 10,000 gallons each and the F20C filled all three of them in 1 day.  The raw water source is a fresh water stream but contaminated by upstream beavers and from spawning fish.  
FUV2 in Guaviare, Colombia, South America
FUV2C in Kenya, Africa, near Lake Victoria
Awach River, Kenya, "bringing water home".
FUV2 in Petionville (Port-au-Prince), Haiti.  This unit was damaged in the 2010 earthquake but recovered and repaired by CampWater technicians and is now running in Haiti again.
The FUV2 is a very simple, rugged unit developed first for exploration camps.   It can now be found in the arctic, jungles and many places in-between. 
12VDC or 110 VAC- your choice.
Draws about 100 watts 
Pulls suction 15 ft; pumps 60 psi
Strainer + 2 stage filtration, cyst-rated
Carbon filter reduces tastes and odors
Ultra Violet disinfector rated at 2X flow
Heavy-duty aluminum frame
40 lb. 21"L x 15" W x 17" HI; Would you think a unit this small could  
produce approx 2.3 gpm = 3000 gpd?
Produced by all CampWater Affiliates. 

Maintenance Kit for FUV2 and FUV2C.
Filter Wrench
6 spare primary filters
4 spare secondary filters
Dry chlorine (calcium hypochlorite)
Extra manual
Filter housing O-rings
UV reactor O-rings
Spare UV bulb
Spare UV Sleeve
Rugged transport case with lid
Spare chlorine pump peristaltic tube
Mixing vessel for chlorine
Measuring spoon for chlorine
Rubber gloves
Safety glasses 

​The FUV2C is a modification of the FUV2 and was developed to answer the need for disinfection downstream of the plant, such as distribution systems, containers of unknown condition, etc. We did this by adding a chlorine reservoir, pump and mixer; specs are similar otherwise. 
50 lb., 28" L x 19" W x 17" Hi 
Produced by all CampWater affiliates but only Alaska mfg plant has been inspected for Gold Seal approval at present. . .
If you need a lot of drinking water, consider the FUV20C. This unit can supply large villages in emergencies and still fit in a small airplane. 
175 lb., 26" x 24" x 47" HI
110VAC or 220VAC, 3KW required
1-1/2" inlet strainer + 4 large filters; final filters cyst-rated
UV disinfector with intensity monitor std. 
Chlorine system with 7.5 gallon reservoir
Produces approx 17 gpm = 25,000 gpd.
Manufactured in Alaska and Colombia only but available by contacting any CampWater affiliate. The Alaska mfg. plant only has been inspected for Gold Seal compliance at present.    
Standard models in action...
My young Eskimo helper and I having too much fun at Quinhagak watching our water plant run. 
Here's an FUV2 creating a lot of interest from High School students at a reservoir in Colombia 
Wetted parts  tested and approved under NSF/ANSI 61 
The FUV-RO-1 is a further modification based on the FUV2C which enhances the capability of the FUV2C by adding a membrane housing, high pressure pump, etc. It can be operated in different ways depending on the contaminants to be reduced.  If you have, for example, high organics (we call that "tundra tea" in Alaska), use a nanofilter in the housing provided.  High levels of dissolved solids like salts may require a reverse osmosis membrane; it will fit in the same housing.  Weighs about 100 lb. Produced in Alaska only at present. 
The MA1 was designed to provide a membrane attachment for the FUV2 or FUV2C.  Characteristics when added together are similar to the FUV-RO-1 but this gives you the option of running the base unit by itself- or if you already have one and then find you need a membrane you don't have to buy a complete unit.  Weighs about 50 lb.    
The HPF2 is the newest model in the CampWater Line and we're very excited about it! At 21 lb and requiring NO external power it has been tested to produce over 2 gallons per minute of drinking water from cyst-rated filters. Chlorine dropper with instructions provides residual disinfectant.  Produced in the Atlanta, Florida, and Alaska branches.    
The HPF2 in action - Mr. 3-year-old Muscle Man made 5 gallons in a couple of minutes for his cousin shown here enjoying it!
Here's the FUV-RO-1 in action at the Shika Adabu Health Clinic in Mombasa Kenya. This project was funded by the Long Beach Sister Cities program; contact CampWater Industries LLC in Alaska if you'd like a copy of the report. 
Birch Creek Village, Alaska FUV20C supplying pretreated water to further treatment for tannins with the MA-1 in the foreground. 
Certified Operator Wally Tingook demonstrating CampWater FUV2C supplying the UIC Camp at Umiat Alaska
4-Season helicopter-transportable emergency drinking water plant under development . Commissioned and supported by Rotary District 5010 (Alaska)
Designed to serve villages up to 500 for temporary use.